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Punch Art – Australian Style

Hi and thank you for popping in.

Monday afternoon after school my daughter comes home to tell me she needs something to fill in time at Guides Tuesday, for at least a half hour or so and work it into something so she can get a step closer to her Bronze Endeavour and eventually her Junior BP. We were stumped for a while and read her guidelines and criteria. It came to us “SWAPS” for international guide visitors. So with that in mind we scoured the internet for what we could do. I am not the first one to go to punch art really, but hey the girls had to make these and my girl likes punch art. We found this Koala first, and here is our interpretation:


Koala Punch Art

The girls didnt sponge around theirs last night and while they looked great, I must admit the sponging makes a difference. This Koala used 11 punches in total, but wow!

We are on a roll I thought, if we punched these out and put them in bags ready to go as lugging those 11 punches to guides would be just silly and a big waste of cardstock. (note to self: order some more basic grey). However, if thats the case, it wont take them very long to make. So back to google and we found a Kangaroo. Here is our Jolly Kangaroo:


Isnt it funny in just the way you place a certain object, their whole faces change? They were both a big hit Tuesday night this week at Guides. I am so glad they enjoyed themselves.

So Punch Art hey? They do look good.

Thanks for stopping by

“May the Stamps be with you”