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Seed Packet Folder

Hello and Happy Christmas!!!

Here is one of the gifts that has been found this morning for Christmas. I made this for my sister in law after my husband drew her in the Schirmer Family Kris Kringle. He wanted to get her an unusual present and came up with the fresh herb idea for her Kitchen. He came home with packets of seeds, the gorgeous pot and some gardening gloves. So different to what he first came up with before he went out.

Wrap these please and off he went to work again. So I hope she really likes this. Not generally her colours at all but I had to make the folder to go with the pot.

So here are some pictures:

Outside of the seed packet folder

I made my prototype with photocopy paper and could have used that as it turned out quite well too. Here below is what the inside looks like:

This is what is inside the folder.

I have seen coffee bags and tea bag holders done very similarly to this but I enjoyed making my own one up for this. Here it is with the gorgeous pot that hubby came home with for her. I love the colour and the shape of the pot!

Seed Folder with the pot - folder closed.

And again with the Folder opened:

Seed folder with the pot - Folder Opened

I took extra time to write down instructions and as soon as I can after Christmas I will get them up on here.

Thank you again for stopping by and to you and your family, have a wonderful Christmas and see you in the New Year. Although if more creativeness strikes I will post those ideas too.

“May the Stamps be with you”



4 Responses

  1. Tess this is a great idea, I just love it. Going to have to keep it in mind for those difficult to buy for people.

  2. Oh Tess I LOVE this idea what a great idea to give someone that your not totally sure what to give. Thanks for sharing. I may have to try and create this for my brother who just loves his herbs and gardening.

  3. That’s such a lovely idea! Great job.

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